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Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
of ter a juryy- used his pollce detail for - puuting up campaign signs... and keeping tabs oo political opponeets..ehrlich says... if sse wiin his seat... politics won't be a distraction... she says she has o plans to run delegate steve schuu is also said to beeinterrssed in the job... along with a couple find out... when we'll knnw for show who's applyiig... coming up next half hour.i'm news. hear everything kendel ehrlichh paid to to fox- baltimore dot com slash raw news a montgomery coonty teee is facing murder charges as an &padull... or the death of his baby sister. sister.investigatoos say it happeeed inside this apartment in white oak.the mother of the baby... gllria yanes... left to gooto work about 11-30 on thurrday night.the baby's brother... 14 year old watchinggthe baby at the time. aguiluc told olice that when the baby starttd to cry... he covered her mouth and ose with his hands... trying to iq: i think a judge would be &pvery hard pressedoq: fight that transffr transfer ssbeing held without the maryland nntwork against dommstic &pviooence is holdinn i
Feb 15, 2013 6:00am EST
be used to lower the city's propprty taa rate,, which ii thh highest in the region. she can't say now how much the fee would be..she says details of tte plan are coming soon. resiients we spoke with don't think those specifics will 3 3 (ms. brennan/rrsiddnn) "and what happens if you eiihbors don'' paa the feee are you going toosit in their garbbgg reeressive tax, that'' basically a property taxx i 3 outrageous."herr's more reaction from facebook..... ed ssys "soossuuid! yet who voted for these idiots?? -&pphis is what you get!!" 3 some other arras do pay a separate fee for trash, as well as propertyytaxes... the mayor did say yeeterday.. that she'll have more etails on ow the plan will work.. next week. baltimore 3 police have identified the &ppfficer who shot a olice &ptraanee in the heaa tuesday. &p3 wiiliam s. kern was -3 assigned as an instructor ii -3&pthe ducationnand trainingg sectioo hen hh fired his service weapon during a training sessionneaalier this peek. the traineee & remains n the hospital.
Feb 25, 2013 5:30pm EST
pttorneys.... now.. the 3 trial again.. but this time... 3 3 (nick)"its a huge victory for us, " defeeseeaatorneys predicc theeespinoza trials will be very difffeent this time around. for aamostt espinoza and adon canela have been in jail. thee were killing hree yoong relatives. now, less then a month &&pbeforeethe hird round of trials begins... a judge ruues -3 √°ppe recorded testimony√° from aakey witness for thee prosecution... is not admissible. (guadeloupe saying & something in spanish) aater witnnss.. guadeloupe hernaadez aad hee husband... hectto... wwre ddported to mexico, where she hirrd a hitman to - kill hhctor. now she's serving time.. (brian -3murphy)"theyre onna have to get her herr from mexico where shes doing a sentence for murder or they cant use anything she said in the last ruled ooher evideece is not -3 pdmissible. (nick)"theres some dna evidencc thht was &allegedly recooeree froo ssme -gloves found innthe car that we aaways argged were scientiiically iinvlid that 3 with" defense attorneys ssy & r
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3